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Dentium implants that add value over time

It is the only implant in Korea that has long-term clinical data for more than 20 years, dentium implant.
A thesis on the 20-year long-term survival rate of Dentium IMPLANTIUM, which has been steadily loved since its launch in 2002,
was published in IJPRD, an SCI-level journal, and was recognized as a longevity brand.
A total of 242 cases (74 patients) included in the paper showed a high survival rate of 97.9% even under the strict IJPRD screening criteria, and showed a
stable bone level, once again proving stability. Based on IMPLANTIUM's advanced technology, Dentium has
established an effective product lineup to increase operator convenience and provide a more stable and optimized implant system.


10 processes, 10 total inspections,
100% self-production, quality absolutism

From raw material inspection to sterilization, every process is inspected to maintain the best quality. The dentium implant production process consists of a total of 10 steps, and every step of the process is inspected to maintain the best quality. We provide reliable products through thorough product inspection in all process processes, from raw material inspection to CNC processing and initial cleaning inspection, complete inspection after surface treatment, product packaging and sterilization, and final inspection.

Detailed process

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